testing a long post title to see how it reacts with the tweetmeme button

by admin on October 10, 2009

testing a long post title and a really long first sentence to see how it reacts with the tweetmeme button

The rest of this is just a copied post, to test the teasers appearing on the home page:

In my previous life as a custom designer, I worked on a slew of projects involving clients’ cherished photos and when I’d reveal the finished pieces, very often the clients would become very emotional and weepy and I mean that in an Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful, I love it, I think I shall cry sort of way, and not in a HOLY SHIT, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY FACE, ARE YOU ON CRACK? kind of way.

That scenario never happened, thank God. If it had, I’d have become very emotional and weepy in a YOU’RE RIGHT, I AM TOTAL SCUM, I HAVE NO BUSINESS BREATHING AIR kind of way.

I enjoyed making people cry back then. I still make people cry today but now it’s limited to those who were yanked from my womb and it’s for entirely different reasons and honestly, it’s not half as much fun.

I also enjoyed making clients smile and the one product that was almost guaranteed to make my clients flash a wide grin was my Name Art.



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